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  • Bohemian Soul Cafe
    Bohemian Soul Cafe
    Healthy Food + Superfoods Graz (Styria)
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    Bohemian Soul in a cafe with a BIG difference! With a great selection of Bio produce, home made food and an affordable membership program that gives members an opportunity to enjoy koha (donation based) services.It's a great place to eat, enjoy ...
  • Reiki
    Reiki + Therapeutic Touch Graz (Styria)
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    Reiki is a Japanese technique used to reduce stress and promote healing with or without the use of touch. Using Universal energy to activate and open blockages we have in the body to release what no longer serves us. The treatment is focused on nouri...
  • Reflexology
    Massage Phoenix (Arizona)
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    Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is a practice of gentle pressing or manipulation of certain parts of feet and hands to produce an effect elsewhere in the body.This service is available by appointment at the Raise the Vibration Studio.
  • Life Massage
    Life Massage
    Massage Graz (Styria)
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    Life Massage at the Seddwell Center offers a range of Massage therapies where everything on offer is focused to help you achieve a positive and healthy life. Treatments from deep tissue sports massage to holistic aroma massage are available. These se...
  • Yoga Classes and Workshops
    Yoga Classes and Workshops
    Yoga + Pilates Classes Graz (Styria)
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     In the Heart of Graz you can find English language Yoga classes in English. Seddwell offer a variety of classes suitable for all ages, experience levels and will suit these courses to your needs.  Whether you are into a higher energy Vinya...
  • Siracusa Yoga Festival
    Siracusa Yoga Festival
    Yoga + Pilates Classes Siracusa (Sicily)
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    This is a yoga festival that is affordable, open to all traditions, for all practitioners in the magnificent Ortygia peninsula in Sicily. It's an opportunity to practice a great deal of yoga but also meet an amazing community of people!4 Days15 Teach...