Q. Why do we need Priceless Vitality?


A. We already have a lot of people focused on delivering health and wellness services who care more about the peoples health than the exact dollar amount or timing of payment. Before Priceless Vitality many people didn’t have a way to get access to this flexible pricing that has always been available. Priceless Vitality is proof that flexible pricing is not only sustainable but prosperous for everyone involved as well as creating close bonds and building a healthy community spirit of sharing. We are clearly focused on caring delivery of health and wellness to everyone while giving providers a chance to chose how they want to offer it. This gives us the ability to make a considerable improvement in general health across the globe.



Q. Can anyone register?


A. Yes. Some items are available to everyone without limitations. You can browse without registering, though to place listings or contact a provider you will need to register.



Q. How do I get started?



As a recipient, search for what you want, where you want it and see what's available. If you see something you'd like you can contact the seller and organise the details between yourselves. If you can’t afford the suggested price, be up front with the provider from the start. We hope that we can introduce you to some amazing people who have a powerful and positive impact on your life. You can leave feedback for each provider and share your insights. Remember to pace yourself and respect your body. If you have any questions consult your doctor. P.S. You are welcome to pay a provider more than suggested if you think it’s worth it.


As a provider, click on the “publish a new listing” button and fill in the details. Be as honest as possible in the ad. To save you repeatedly answering the same questions include all the details that the recipient would need, the benefits, contraindications, availability, alternate payment options and any proof of medical condition that you need. Patients will contact you directly and together you are responsible for any future correspondence. At this point we leave you to do what you are best at and deliver quality goods and/or services.



Q. How do I know if someone is really a patient with the condition they say they have?


A. This is up to the person offering the product or service to decide. You can ask the patient to bring a doctors certificate, prescriptions or a summary of discharge from hospital. Some cases may be easy to confirm by seeing the recipient in person.



Q. What collaboration options are available?


A. We are always open to work with anyone to achieve results that benefit people's health. Some collaborations may see a marginal improvement in public health, others may be dramatic but they all add up and we are happy to work with anyone willing to put some effort into nurturing the health of the community.



Do you have any other questions? contact us here.