Supporting Community Health ( Thank you! )

The possibilities for donations with Priceless Vitality are as vast as your imagination.

If you have anything to advertise that can benefit health, please do - another way to donate is to give money. Financial donations are used to keep the website running, add new features, sponsor patients, sponsor therapists, sponsor therapist training as well as incentives to improve health and wellness across the globe. All our financial records are publically avaialble in realitime so you can click here to see exactly what we spend on.

You can donate directly into our bank account. This is our preferred method because Westpac has been kind enough to waive our fees:

Westpac Bank

  • Name: Priceless Vitality Ltd
  • BSB: 033 264
  • Account: 331 971


Donate using your credit card with Paypal:


With each $1000 donated, people can get:

  • 153 Healthy meals, or
  • 50 Hours of child care, or
  • 25 Boxes of organic fruit and vegetables, or
  • 15 Remedial Massages, or
  • 11 Physiotherapy sessions, or
  • 5 Weeks of university training for a student doctor


Each helping hand can deliver a much needed smile to someone who’s unwell. These smiles can change peoples lives.

Meal prices are from:

Child care costs:

Food prices are from:

Physiotherapy and massage prices are from:

Doctor training prices are from :

If you want to donate something other than money to help people who are unwell please publish a listing.

If you can help Priceless vitality as an organisation we would love to hear from you here.