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At Priceless Vitality we help people around the world gain access to health care and support at a price they can afford. Finding innovative and sustainable ways for people to share healthy products and services through our online marketplace and community activities.

Offers could range from organic food to private health cover, and can be open to everyone or targeted to specific categories of people. These categories are based on things like age, income and illness type. Providers share what they can and those who receive are free to pay the suggested price, pay more or negotiate to pay what they can. Payment could take the form of a smile, a trade, a payment plan, money, an alternate economy or paying it forward. The price is open to negotiation between the recipient and the provider.


As well as connecting people through this free service we provide wellness information and raise funds to subsidise providers, pay for therapist training and support projects that improve peoples quality of life.


We are humble servants of the community and are happy to openly share all of our workings with the public. Priceless Vitality has a full disclosure policy on all of our actions. We are very grateful for every cent we are entrusted with and are dedicated to delivering a world leading "community benefit" to "dollar spent" ratio. A listing of all our financial transactions and board meeting minutes are available further down this page.


The Priceless Vitality Team:


Ivan Askovic Jarmila Peric Jelena Lakicevic Michael Oswald Ian Peric

Ivan Ašković Jarmila Perić Jelena LakicevićMichael OswaldIan Perić




Priceless Vitality is committed to supporting and sharing wellness worldwide by providing access to quality health focused information, products and services for everyone. We believe that health and happiness can become a new “normal”.

Our World Wide Wellness network helps people gain access to health care and support.



We facilitate compassionate action providing a platform to make a healthy life affordable across the globe. We make access to health focused goods and services available to everyone and support projects that nurture a sharing oriented community spirit.

Priceless Vitality is proof that care is sustainable and shows that people are happy to give some wealth in exchange for a stranger's health - doing all we can to support a happy and healthy planet for generations to come.



We bring together the Individual, the Community, the Medical field and the Alternate health field in an ecosystem of honesty, integrity and a shared goal of community health.

At the heart of everything we do, our mission, vision and services are all underpinned by these core values:
  • Compassion: With heartfelt respect and empathy we do our best to improve the quality of life for everyone who wants our help. Working with respectful understanding and deep integrity towards the shared Wellness of everyone on the planet.
  • Innovation: We are open minded - constantly listening, adapting and exploring new ways to deliver a genuine positive impact on peoples lives.
  • Health: In sickness and in health we do all we can to make affordable health measures available to everyone. This includes mental, physical and environmental health. Bringing treatment to those who are suffering and proactive health options to others.
  • Passion: We are driven and committed to make health and happiness the norm for generations to come. Our dedication to creating sustainable smiles is electric and contagious!
  • Collaboration: We are for something and against nothing. Working together as one global family. Encouraging individuals and organisations to combine their efforts and help each other towards shared goals. Creating products and services that produce something far greater than the sum of their parts.

Financial records:

A full, real-time listing of all our financial transactions can be found here.

To allow Priceless Vitality users to focus their resources on health we do not ask them to fund our operations. We are totally funded by donations, corporate sponsorships and governemnt grants.


Meeting Minutes:

In keeping with our full disclosure policy you can read our meeting minutes here.


Sponsorship and Collaboration:

We always have opportunities for the right collaboration. With an innovative, multifaceted and creative approach we have a lot to offer and can showcase everyone involved so contact us to talk about it today. Our priority is on remaining independant and in service of the comunities health so we take care to ensure that all our sponsherships align with these priorities.

Organisation constitution:

This document outlines Priceless Vitality's internal processes and shows that all funds must be directed to our mission of improving the health of the worldwide community.





Ivan Askovic

Ivan Ašković - Inspiration


Ivan was an inspiration to the many who enjoyed his kind and caring friendship - a generous, gentle and wise giant with a heart to match.

As family and friends rallied around him in the final phases of terminal bowel cancer it was clear that caring support and more can be offered, without pressure, to anyone with any condition. Ivan showed us that the community can come together and Priceless Vitality, inspired by Ivan’s experience, helps to facilitate access to healthcare, wellness resources and much more that can ease pressure and improve quality of life on a global scale.



Jarmila Peric

Jarmila Perić - Director - Grad Dip OHM, BN, RSP (Aust)


Jarmila has had a long career in the health industry, initially as a Charge Sister in Operating Theatres and Recovery and then as a Nurse Practitioner in Industry. From there she moved into education spending 10 years at La Trobe University as a lecturer in Nursing and Occupational Health and Safety and a further 10 years in the TAFE Sector whilst at the same time running her own business providing Consultancy Services to Industry.


She is a published author in the fields of both health and safety and a firm believer that educators should have current practical experience. She has a very broad grounding in Health, Alternate Therapies, Education and Safety and holds qualifications in Nursing, Occupational Hazard Management, Education, Massage, Reflexology, Reiki (Master) and Therapeutic Touch.


Empowerment of the individual by the provision of access to a range of options so they can make informed decisions on how to optimise their health and welfare has always been a cornerstone of her practice. This is especially important in the area of Palliative Care where she promotes the principle of death with dignity and actively involves the dying individual in their own care and respects their decisions.


Having experienced the frustration of long fruitless searches for products, services and unbiased information she is passionate about the need for an ethical one-stop-shop that focuses on integration of mind and body instead of addressing body parts and illnesses in isolation. She sees Priceless Vitality Ltd as a step in the right direction which would have been very helpful for many of her clients.



Jelena Lakicević

Jelena Lakicević - Director


Jelena is passionate about wellness and vitality and sharing this with others. A yogi and plant based vegan, Jelena has dealt with numerous health challenges over the years and has rehabilitated herself back to wellness.


Jelena deeply understands the power of choice in a person’s ability to recover from disease and to thrive. Empowerment is the key and for Jelena her hope with Priceless Vitality is to provide options for people who are in need. Jelena’s ability to connect with others and to empathise has led her to pursue a career in Naturopathy.



Michael Oswald

Michael Oswald - Director


Michaels bio will be available shortly.




Ian Peric

Ian Perić - CEO


With an extensive background in IT management and technology engineering, Ian had made a transition into full time community service through writing, teaching meditation and business consulting. Priceless Vitality was something that Ian first wanted to give to our friend and founding inspiration - Ivan.


Now Ian focuses the skills learned in supporting corporate technology combined with the mindfulness, community sharing and compassionate care from his meditation practice to help lead a passionate team in delivering something new that can efficiently and effectively boost community health.